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Michael Clarke is a student who has recently finished the MArch course achieving a distinction from the University of Westminster. As part of DS10 during the March course he is one of the co-authors of the unit blog: wewanttolearn.net. Alongside his architectural studies he has a keen interest in photography and painting as well as across all areas of design. His primary interests lie in the use of digital and parametric tools to explore form finding as well as optimising  material usage and assembly/design processes allowing easy translation from end-user customisation through to digital fabrication. As part of his 2nd year at the University of Nottingham where Michael graduated from the BArch course in 2010 with a first class honours, he worked on the development of a nursery school in Jouberton, South Africa and subsequently spent 7 weeks in the township working alongside the local community to construct the school. The school has since been named a centre for excellence in the area and has featured in both Blueprint and BD magazine. See the project pages on this site for more information or visit www.projectjouberton.com for the development blog of the project.

Michael has had experience in architectural practice across all RIBA work stages previously working as an architectural assistant at  Waind Gohil Architects (WGA) where he completed his part I placement, Hewitt Studios during his undergraduate degree and  StubbsRich Architects prior to starting his architectural edcation.

Michael has been invited as a guest critic at the University of Greenwich for the undergraduate degree in architecture and is keen to continue to develop links with architectural education alongside his own research and work.

For examples of his work please browse this site and see his CV available to download from the link at the top of this page. The categorised pages provide galleries of images whilst the blog page offers in-depth explanations of his more recent work and includes links to publications and development documents as well as inspirations and other useful resources.

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